This live painting video is from a private function for the NSW Business Chamber at the Art Gallery of NSW for the Archibald Prize! Book me today as the entertainment at your next event! From corporate functions to fundraisers, birthday parties, churches, pubs, wedding receptions, you name it!!

Live speed painter Sarah Rowan Dahl raising funds for DROWN, an Aussie Indie film, along with celebrities (in order of appearance) Baby Grand, Altiyan Childs, Sarah McLeod, and Host Charlotte Dawson.

Painting for Justice!! Sarah’s goal is to raise over 1 Million in funds for The A21 Campaign…this is just the beginning…

Bring a splash of colour to your school events!! Book Sarah Rowan Dahl today!

Sarah’s number one goal as an artist is to help end human trafficking…

Sarah’s husband Jared is a phenomenal musician and they have begun touring together.

One of the most incredible ways to remember your wedding day, and signed by all the guests!

Adding a unique and unforgettable memory to a private house party on NYE!